Clash of Clans Mod is a private server Mod APK, we will take your game experience to another level! Enjoy our emulated servers with unlimited gems, unique mods and much more!

Clash of Clans Mod will give you the most fun coc gaming experience. You will start with a normal base, and will make it according to your needs.

You can feel how it would be to have a maxed base, with town hall level 12 and the strongest troops and defences of the game.

You can use commands in global and clan chat. List of all commands:

/cut – clear all obstacles
/easy – upgrade all buildings to max level for your town hall
/help – show all commands
/id – show you id
/refill – get max resources
/the level –upgrade the base to the level
/fired – dismiss the troops

Clash of Clans Mod Apk 13.0.28 [Unlimited money] Features:

Clash of Clans Mod Download Clash of Clans MOD unlimited gold/stones 13.0.28 Features:

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Unlimited gold/stones

Clash of Clans MOD unlimited gold/stones – Strategy for android played by millions of users worldwide, and now even a super cool hacked version. I’m sure many gamers have heard about this popular game of the Middle Ages in which you need to build castles, fortresses, improve and develop its own army, so now you have a great opportunity to play it with an infinite number of resources.

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