Last week, some people asked me to create some configurations for them. I created the configurations and gave it to them but later they called back to say that they couldn’t integrate the configuration themselves.

Unlike before that i do create configurations for the regular vpn tunneler, this one was for http injector which many of you are not familiar with.

So today i would teaching you guys on how to get configurations on http injector and probably get free internet.

What is HTTP Injector?

In simple a sentence, Http injector is a tool that is used to access blocked websites behind firewall with SSH tunneling/Proxy server support. As you guys all know, the aim of this post is how to get free internet on your ISP(Internet service Provider) for free.

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Http injector is more popular among the Asian countries but to me i prefer it to Psiphon and those other VPNs because one can use it to prevent his/her ISP from blocking their settings.

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