The new Universal Ehi free browsing cheat using http injector Config File can be tweaked and used on Android Smartphones and PC.

I have provided the latest Universal Ehi config that allow you enjoy free Internet access without paying a dime.

Therefore, if you ever searched for latest free browsing cheat, this post is for you so search no more and gently read this post.

Universal Ehi free browsing cheat is back, blazing via a couple of VPN apps including KPNTunnel and HTTP Injector but in this post, I will concentrate on HTTP Injector settings and how to use it to power all apps on your Android and PC.

It is called 0.0kb cheat because you need ZERO data and Airtime balance on your SIM to enjoy free browsing cheat on daily basis using HTTP Injector VPN.

This cheat is not unlimited but capped at 1GB on some sims, while some sims are capped at 2GB – 3GB daily

Usefulness Of This Cheat

The importance of this free browsing cheat cannot be overemphasized as you loose nothing while gaining a lot.

For instance, the 1GB to 3GB data volume you get daily for free browsing would cost you between R750 to R2000 if you are to pay for the data and this is a recurring data that you get every day.

It can be used to browse any websites, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube and even download any stuff online.

You may find it hard to connect through these files as sometimes it can be caused by poor signal around your area, which is why i provided you with different files, just download and connect see which one connects stronger than the other and go for it.

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Note that this cheat doesn’t work unlimitedly on all sims as I said earlier on this post. It’s capped on some sims. If yours stopped connecting, kindly force stop HTTP Injector and connect again. For more latest browsing cheats join me on Telegram Here.

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